Project Update - Landmarked Home gets restored in Palm Beach, FL

"They just don't build 'em like they used to." That's for sure, and based on what we found supporting this historical bungalow (originally built in 1919) it's a good thing too. 

The plan with this project, and most historical restorations we do, is to maintain the character and charm of the exterior of the home, while providing our clients with an interior that supports today's lifestyle. Sounds easy right? Did we forget to mention that we aren't allowed to alter the front facade of the home throughout the project? Or that there is only about 5' of space between the east side of the home and the property line? Or that the ENTIRE foundation needs to be replaced? 

These are the projects that we love. The opportunity to beat the odds, save a piece of history, and provide a place that our clients will be able to call home for many years to come.